Chronic Care Management Simplified

Increase Revenue. Enhance Patient Care. Easily.

Your patients with mutiple chronic illnesses are most at-risk of adverse outcomes. Serve them well while generating additional income for your organization.

You can now receive monthly reimbursements for managing the care of your patients with two or more chronic conditions (conditions apply). You are already providing great help and support to these vulnerable patients. Now it's time to get paid for that care and attention.

InXite can help.

InXite's technology and services can help you:
  • Get reimbursed for non face-to-face visits

  • Identify and appropriately engage eligible patients

  • Access technology that makes care coordination, data interoperability, tracking and reporting simple

  • Comply with strict technology and services protocols

  • Maximize reimbursements

  • Achieve quality standards

Discover the Benefits of our Turn-key Solution
  • Zero Learning Curve

  • Very Little Time Required

  • No Financial Investment.​

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