FQHC Webinar Series

Free Video Series

During this Six-Part Video Series You Will Discover:

  • How quality measurement can improve your health center's bottom line.

  • How payment reform may impact FQHCs.

  • The power of interoperability as opposed to information exchange.

  • Ways to effectively engage your patients.

  • A payor's perspective of value based contracting and payment reform.

  • Many more practical approaches to operationalizing value based care in your health center

Hear from experts in community health and value based care:

Dr. M. Lynne Hawley, MD

Director of Quality Improvement & Risk Management, Family Health Services of Darke County

Randy Runyon

CEO, Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

Dr. Ted Wymslyo, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

Charlene Wright, RT(R)

Quality Improvement Coordinator, Family Health Services of Darke County

James Paat

Founder & CEO, InXite Health Systems

Tracy Davidson

CEO, United Healthcare Community Plan of Ohio

Maria Lukas-Asbury

Quality Director, Crossroad Health Center

Jamie Berrens

CEO, Crossroad Health Center

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