InXite Chronic Care Management App

Realize Your Chronic Care Management Opportunity With InXite

We can help you implement and bill Chronic Care Management (CCM) at your practice with minimal time and effort from your staff.

We act as a partner of your practice rather than a third-party vendor by working with you to integrate our program into your processes, as well as build relationships and trust with your patients.

Our accredited team performs the monthly patient care coordination and handles the CMS billing. This means your patients receive personalized care between office visits and you get the information you need to improve their health outcomes and earn new, recurring value-based care revenue.

How Your Practice Benefits From InXite CCM

Helps maximize your reimbursements for non-face-to-face visits

Simplifies care coordination, data interoperability, tracking, and reporting

Identifies and appropriately engages your eligible patients

Allows you to achieve quality standards

Ensures compliance with strict technology and services protocols

Reduces administrative workload of your team

Leverage InXite’s Value-Based Care Platform

When you partner with us for CCM, you and your patients get access to InXite SmartCare™.

InXite SmartCare is our patient-centered platform that enables patients and all members of their care team to connect and collaborate. It tracks, gathers, and shares the critical information you need to improve your patients’ health and satisfaction while increasing practice revenues and lowering costs.

Provide Patients With A Caring And Dedicated Coordinator

When your patients enroll in the InXite CCM program, they are assigned an accredited care coordinator that will act as their trusted partner throughout their healthcare journey.

Our care coordinators help your patients:

Communicate questions and needs to doctors

Manage their medications

Create and achieve health-related goals

Find lower-cost prescription medications

Organize transportation to appointments

Connect with community services and resources

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