InXite Modules

Make The Most Of InXite SmartCare With Complementary Modules

Get more out of your InXite SmartCare™ investment by adding on InXite Modules that fit your specific need. Our variety of modules ensure you can deliver a better patient experience, improve patient education, or streamline in-office workflows. If you don’t see a specific capability, contact us about creating one for your business.


Enhance the Patient Experience

Patient Data Portability Solution

Patient Education Videos


Referral Management

Virtual Navigator


Patient Data Portability Solution (QR Code)


Allows patients to easily share their complete medical record with any provider, hospital, or healthcare system via a unique QR code



Patient Education Videos


Provides patients with interactive videos that explain various health topics, or medications that are in their care plan





Connects providers and patients virtually to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance patient care



Referral Management


Connects patients with appropriate clinical providers and/or social service organizations



Virtual Navigator


Provides InXite SmartCare users with an AI-driven, intelligent virtual expert within the platform that can answer questions about how to use the technology, diagnoses, or procedures


Extend Your Capabilities

Quality and Population Management Reporting


Provider Quality


Automated Patient

Custom Reporting
and Dashboards

Advanced Messaging
and Alerts


Quality and Population Management Reporting


Equips providers with a set of reports that show if quality metrics are being met



Biometric Authentication


Captures up to 80 nodal points for facial recognition and patient identification



Provider Quality Dashboard


Allows providers to see how they are performing on selected HEDIS measurements. Provides a Pay-For-Performance Calculator that enables providers to see which measurement makes the most financial sense to spend time on



Readmission Dashboard


Gives hospitals visualization of their readmission rate and allows them to see how many they are performing against other hospitals. Interactive drill down capabilities make it easy for hospitals to identify patterns between readmission rates, providers, and procedures.



Automated Patient Outreach


Enables providers to efficiently reach out to eligible patients via phone to enroll them in the chosen value-based program



Custom Reporting and Dashboards


Allows groups and practices to create and configure reporting and dashboards to fit their individual needs



Referral Management


Connects patients with appropriate clinical providers and/or social service organizations


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