InXite Modules

Make The Most Of InXite SmartCare With Complementary Modules

Get more out of your InXite SmartCare™ investment by adding on InXite Modules that fit your specific need. Our variety of modules ensure you can deliver a better patient experience, improve patient education, or streamline in-office workflows. If you don’t see a specific capability, contact us about creating one for your business.

Quality and Population Management Reporting

InXite Quality and Population Management Reporting Module equips providers with a set of reports that show if quality metrics are being met.

Patient Education Videos

InXite Patient Education Videos Module provides patients with interactive videos that explain various health topics, procedures, or medications that are part of their care plan.

Biometric Authentication

InXite Biometric Authentication Module enables patient facial biometric information to be captured and stored as a faceprint in the system. Our integrated facial recognition software uses up to 80 nodal points on the patient’s face to verify the patient is who he or she states they are.

Advanced Messaging and Alerts

InXite Advanced Messaging and Alerts Module notifies individuals, care providers, and support organizations when defined events do or don’t occur.


InXite Telehealth Module allows providers to connect virtually with patients to reduce costs, improve productivity, and meet patients where they are outside of the office.

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