InXite SmartCare

Patient-Centered System for Better Care Coordination and Improved Patient Outcomes

InXite SmartCare™ is a cloud-based, patient-centered platform that enables all stakeholders in healthcare to successfully transition to value-based care.

It gathers relevant patient data to help providers better understand the risks and needs of patients. Once the right data is collected, InXite SmartCare presents it as actionable insights on an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows payers and providers to make better data-driven decisions about care.

Healthcare stakeholders can use InXite SmartCare to:

Gain Insights

Get a better understanding of the needs and risks of patients through a single, unified view of patient health information and care plans

Take Actions

Turn insight into actionable tasks, plans, and personalized patient interactions to improve outcomes

Improve Outcomes

Measure and report on quality and cost metrics, and continuously identify opportunities for improvement

InXite SmartCare Is Your Foundation For Moving To Value-Based Care

• Create a single, unified, shared care plan for the patient and the patient’s care team
• Provide care team recommendations based on patient diagnoses
• Enable providers to better coordinate tasks, improve patient engagement, and ensure care plan adherence
• Alert appropriate individuals when care plan items are not adhered to so proactive intervention can be made
• Automatically record patient information and render it into the InXite’s Patient Need and Health Scores, which allow providers to better understand the needs and risks of patients
• Deliver weekly reminders to patients about appointments and medications
• Allow patient health information to be portable with the patient via a unique QR code

Interoperability that Boosts Efficiency, Ensures Continuity of Care, and Lowers Costs

InXite SmartCare enables providers—regardless of their systems, resources, or technical acumen—to share pertinent patient information through an advanced, NEIM-based interoperability framework.

This allows providers to focus their time and effort on patient care instead of technical requirements.

How does it work?

• Users define how they want to send and receive information to and from InXite SmartCare—manual, semi-automated, or real-time integration
• InXite SmartCare standardizes the data
• After all data is transferred and standardized, it is available for all users to view on the InXite SmartCare dashboard

Keep Patients Engaged With InXite SmartCare Mobile App

InXite SmartCare Mobile App complements the InXite SmartCare desktop platform and makes it easy for patients to access and share their health information on the go.

The app is easy to use and allows patients to:

• Track health related activities
• Connect with their care team
• Share their complete health history with providers via a QR code
• View their comprehensive care plan
• Get answers to health-related questions via the in-app messaging system

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