Referral Management App

Matching Patients in Need with Providers

The InXite e-Referral system automates the entire referral process and enables the seamless transfer of patient and scheduling information from a primary to a secondary treating practitioner and patient.

Patient referrals are critical to providers for driving revenues and ensuring the patient receives the right care and attention to their needs. In addition, the referral is often the initial step of developing a patient care team and critical requirement for complying with Meaningful Use Stage 2's transition of care and referrals objective.

Despite the importance, today the referral process is still typically managed via fax and phone, especially if referring outside of the network resulting in low patient satisfaction, inefficient process, and increased costs.​

How it Works

The InXite e-Referral Coordination Systems encapsulates the entire referral lifecyce and workflow from generating the initial referral request, scheduling, continuity of care documents, and discharge summary.

Why it is important

Referrals are a vital part of care coordination and essential part of every practice;

Today the referral process is often poorly managed with a highly inefficient, lengthy, and error prone method of manual fax and phone.

Referral management is also a critical requirement for complying with Meaningful Use Stage 2’s transition of care and referrals objective.

Key Features
  • Encapsulates the entire referral lifecycle and workflow

  • Tracks and manages critical interactions between providers and patient

  • Accommodates all providers regardless of EMR and technical readiness

Key Benefits
  • Simplifies the referral process

  • Enhances collaboration among community providers

  • Improve patient access to care and coordinate care efficiently

  • Increase provider revenues

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